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    Unanswered: Delphi Newbie stumped by runtime ParamsbyName

    OK, I see how to use the IDE to set up a TQuickReport with a TQuery SQL statement using the Parameter Window -- and it runs. 3 of 4 steps there. But my SQL statement is a call to a server-side procedure and I would like to feed different input parameters to the procedure so it brings back data sets from different tables with the same structure.

    Looking at a bunch of web sites I've pieced together that I need something like this:

    SQLText := 'SELECT * FROM ClusterProcedure(TYPE LIKE :Param1)';
    frmRCluster.QreportC.Active := False;
    frmRCluster.QreportC.ParamByName(':Param1').Value := GroupNumber;
    frmRCluster.QreportC.Active:= True;

    I've got something that compiles and doesn't cause a runtime error. But it doesn't bring back anything. (the DBfields on the QuickReport are pointing to the appropriate TQuery fields.)

    I assume my problem is that I don't have any idea whatsoever what the "forest" should look like. I put the above code in a "beforeOpen" event procedure for the Tquery. Yes? No? Do I have to hand code populating the report data fields now too?

    Basically, does anybody know where there is a full example of a QuickReport unit (or any DB unit) using runtime ParamsByName so I can get the big picture of how to code this so all the parts work together?


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    Try removing the colon from ':Param1' The parameter name is used with a colon in the SQL statement but the actual parameter name for use the ParamsByName method is without the colon. So it should look like ParamsByName('Param1') and NOT ParamsByName(':Param1').

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