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    Unanswered: Security problem with tables and queries

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    Sammy25 (TechnicalUser)0 replies1/13/05 (posted 1/13)
    Securing tables and queries
    Hi, we would like to secure the tables and queries data and design from viewing by particular group of people by assigning permissions. We have a form that queries the tables and display the results in a grid control. However instead of looking into the tables, we would like them to only be able to access the contents of the tables via those form that we provide. From what I know, once you have created the workgroup file with the assigned permission (in this case, the read data for tables and queries are not allowed), the users will be able to open the form, but will not be able to query the form because the tables and queries are locked by the permission settings. Is there a way that we can go about allow the users to still be able to query the db via the forms that we provide, but not directly looking into the tables?


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    set the queries to run with the owners permissions ratehr than the current user

    in the SQL its usually the last clause
    "with owner permissions;"

    precise syntax my vary

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