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    Unanswered: way to use Trigger feature

    I have existing tables in oracle database. with these existing table, we want to create new tables with new primary key in another MSSQL DB for specific application. Oracle DB is still frequently updated by legacy application( we can't change this application). we want to propagate any changes occured in oracle db to MSSQL DB vice versa. However, we have no accesss to Legacy application, we don't know when oracle DB is updated. I have some research and found our there is feature call "Trigger" in DB. So when oracle DB is updated and trigger is invoked, we update the MSSQL. The same thing for when updating the MSSQL.
    1.This feature is used in this kinda of situation?
    2.This trigger function generate too much traffic and bring our network slow if updated is done frequently
    3.What if I want to integrate the exisiting DB with other database like mysql or DB2?

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    From SQL Server you can access Oracle databases using a combination of ODBC and Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS).
    Check this article, although this was written for SQL Server 7, it is also applicable to SQL Server 2000.
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