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    Unanswered: Problems inserting chinese Characters into Oracle

    I have problems in inserting Chinese Characters into an Oracle Database. We are using an ODBC-Connection to the databases. We have 2 Systems for testing: An Oracle 8.1.7 and 9.2.

    The Oracle Parameter in the table NLS_DATABASE_PARAMETERS called NLS_CHARACTERSET is set to UTF-8.

    I am able to select previously imported chinese characters using a select statement. After the select, I cannot insert the Message into the Database, because I have question marks in my database. The same thing using a lokal MS Access Database works!

    When I send a nested SQL-Query like INSERT INTO... VALUES (SELECT my_chinese_chars FROM ...)) to Oracle, everything works fine.
    But I need at first the select to manage the Chinese-String and insert it back later in my Programm.

    I don´t know why I can select the chinese Chars, but cannot insert them again!?

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    What is the charset on your client that is doing the select. It has to be compatable with or actually set to UTF-8. The question mark is the replacement character for unconvertable characters.
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    I tried different character sets, setting the environment parameter called NLS_LANG, e.g. AMERICAN_AMERICA.UTF8 and CHINESE_CHINA.UTF8. I also tried CHINESE_CHINA.ZHS16GBK and CHINESE_CHINA.ZHS16CGB231280
    I know, my default value was wrong and was set to the western european codepage. I also installed the support of east-asian fonts on my (lcient)windows-system.

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