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    Unanswered: URGENT Problem :DB2 Installation on Windows 2000 Cluster


    I have a problem, it looks so simple but I couldn't solve it yet.

    There is Windows 2000 SP3 Server.

    I have installed DB2 V7.2 FP9 on this server.
    --I can stop-start DB2 from CLP using db2stop-db2start commands.
    --I can stop-start DB2 from Services.

    Then, I have uninstalled DB2 V7.2 FP9 and installed DB2 V8.1 FP3.
    --I can stop-start DB2 from CLP using db2stop-db2start commands.
    --But I cannot stop DB2 from Services although there is no any connection to the instance.

    Because of this problem, I cannot setup a clustered DB2 running active/passive mode. I do this by defining a generic service in cluster. It works with DB2 V7.2.9 but not in DB2 V8.1.3. I am sure the problem is related with DB2 stop. Because Cluster Service cannot stop DB2 in order to move to other node.

    Does anyone have any idea about this problem?


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    Are you getting any specific error message? As long as the database is not in use, you should be able to stop the service...
    Jonathan Petruk
    DB2 Database Consultant

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    net stop "db2 - db2-0"

    You can type "net stop <service>" from the command window and then you should be able to get a more meaningful error

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