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    Unanswered: Date format supported by db2

    Hi ,
    I m new to db2 .
    i m trying to use the timestamp to add date and time in the filed of a table .
    i m trying to insert date in the form of '17-Dec-2004' ,but i get some error .
    Does db2 support this kind of format .
    Please help me out .

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    Straight from the DB2 SQL Reference:

    Format Name Abbreviation Date Format Example
    International Standards Organization ISO yyyy-mm-dd 1991-10-27
    IBM USA standard USA mm/dd/yyyy 10/27/1991
    IBM European standard EUR 27.10.1991
    Japanese Industrial Standard Christian Era JIS yyyy-mm-dd 1991-10-27
    Site-defined LOC Depends on the territory code of the application --
    Time strings

    A string representation of a time is a string that starts with a digit and has a length of at least 4 characters. Trailing blanks may be included; a leading zero may be omitted from the hour part of the time, and seconds may be omitted entirely. If seconds are omitted, an implicit specification of 0 seconds is assumed. Thus, 13:30 is equivalent to 13:30:00.

    Valid string formats for times are listed in the following table. Each format is identified by name and associated abbreviation.
    Table 124. Formats for String Representations of Times Format Name Abbreviation Time Format Example
    International Standards Organization2 ISO 13.30.05
    IBM USA standard USA hh:mm AM or PM 1:30 PM
    IBM European standard EUR 13.30.05
    Japanese Industrial Standard Christian Era JIS hh:mm:ss 13:30:05
    Site-defined LOC Depends on the territory code of the application --

    complete string representation of a timestamp has the form


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