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    Unanswered: recurring appointments calendar design (was "The most challenging project")

    This is my first project at the company I recently joined. It is the most challenging project I ever had.

    It is a kind of web-scheduler.
    it let you save appointments which could be one time or periodic.
    For example, it could be like every monday, every other monday, first tuesday every monday, and so on.

    once they are saved, it should be able to display only those appointments the user have on a specific day.

    I'd like to know how database has to be designed to meet such a challenging requirement?
    I'd like to hear anything from you if you have had similar project before.

    Thank you,

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    Well, yeah its going to be hellaciously complex. And the devil will be in the details, so I don't know how much help you are going to get from the forum.

    But aren't you just reinventing the wheel here? Surely there are commercially available applications to do this that will, in the long run, be much cheaper than building and maintaining it yourself.
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    on the wrong server
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    If you are running micorsoft exchange and IIS on your network you can set up Outlook Web Access which has just about all of the functionality of Outlook including this scheduling functionality I believe.

    Bam. no programming required. project complete. give me a bonus.
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