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please bear with the length, I am not sure how exactly I should point my question.

I was asked to develop a search page which checks the access database. This search page will be accessed by maximum of 500 different users with maximum of 10 concurrent users on that moment. Daily there might be atleast 10 hits to the maximum of 50 per day.

I chose Java webserver to host webpages. JSP and beans just because I know how to do programming in java and its easy to install compared to others .

While I was developing the code for the page I used this link for testing.
http://my pc name:8080/examples/jsp/Planning_databaseSearch/InitialPage.jsp
as you know it only works if server is started by double clicking startserver.bat that is in my C:\ when I am done for the day I usually stop the server.
Now that the development of the search page is completed. I was asked to move all the work to central server which is up 24/7 from where every one can easily access the search page on any given day.

My question is, is it ok if I leave the server.bat open all the time ie 24/7? How effective is Java web server for the number of users and hits I have given above? or Do I have to go for some other webserver ?

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