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    Unanswered: Qualitative Measures in Analysis Services

    I have a question regarding text measures in AS.

    Here's the scoop:

    T he data I'm dealing with centers around real estate listings. There is one large table with 95,000 rows approximately. Each of the rows represents an individual real estate listing with certain attributes unique to that listing. There are also attributes that are shared by other listings. For example: region code, property type, property category, etc.

    I have created separate tables for each of the "dimensions". I've also created a fact table. Here's the issue: I've created cubes tons of ties and never had a problem when dealing strictly with numeric/empirical data. In this case, however, a lot of the "measures" are text data.

    In short, I want to drill down and display all the property listings given x number of dimensions and specific dimension values I choose. But when the cube is processed, the cube treats everything like it was numeric data.

    I hope I even made a little sense in what I'm asking for!!!!

    I know this can be accomplished just as well using a regular OLTP database, but I'm trying to put together a mini reporting app that will let the non-technical savvy users (a.k.a. management) generate reports and listings by using drill down/pivot tables.

    If anyone has any suggestions or can point me in the right direction, that would be awesome.

    Thanks in advance for any help!!

    Anthony Robinson
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    Anthony Robinson

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