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    Unanswered: multiple query

    Hello all,

    I have a php script running a mysql query to populate a table with values.

    One of the values is the userid associated with that row, where the userid is the primary key on another table.

    Is there a way to incorporate something into the query to replace the userid with the corresponding username?

    The tables are in myISAM mode so no foreign keys can be used.

    the query that i am running looks like this :

    select * from aplist where mac="something";

    one of the values it returns is an integer, and i need that integer to be turned into (or added as another value) their username....

    any ideas?

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    select aplist.* 
         , othertable.username
      from aplist 
      join othertable
        on aplist.userid
         = othertable.primarykey  
     where aplist.mac = 'something' | @rudydotca
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    works like a charm, thanks for your help.

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