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    Question Unanswered: Paradox to MySQL

    I need some advise.
    A friend of mine has a huge plant database in Paradox that she wants to put on the net. I'm thinking to convert it somehow and put it into mySQL so it would be easily searchable, etc.

    Does anyone have experience doing something like this?
    How can we do the transaction?

    I'm not at all familiar with Pdox, so I'd appreciate all help.

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    Hi Susan,

    My five cents... I know MySQL, but not Paradox. Your probably looking to export the data from Paradox as plain text (csv) then import it into MySQL, as a "one of" exercise.


    - so the Paradox database is huge? what's that in rows/columns and file size?

    - how often is the Paradox database data updated, and what are the implications? (the data changes from time to time and these changes might need to be synchronised?)

    A little searching on google finds:-

    dBforums - comp.databases.paradox (
    ... if you need to ask out to do the export from Paradox.
    ... via the above forum, these guys show you how (perhaps get them involved?) is a program that seems to do the export, quote "pxview is a program to read Paradox DB files. It is based on the pxlib library. pxview allows to output csv for reading with spread sheets, sql to import into a relational database, html and sqlite. You can also just show some information and the table structure of the database."

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    Move Date to mySQL with dbQwikSync2mySQL

    dbQwikSync2mySQL will move data from Paradox (and other databases) to mySQL. Web Site Product Page

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    Maybe you can try to use Navicat to import the data from paradox to MySQL. Navicat supports to import data from many data types. It is extremely easy to use, you can import your data within a few clicks.

    You may download an evaluation copy from here:

    I came accross to this software from this review in O'Reily:

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