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    Unanswered: SQLPLUS Formatting

    I am a novice user of SQLPlus and want to qry a file and output only the resulting records but not the columns and formatting etc. My qry outputs results to a file but also echos the commands and column headings - I just want the records and nothing else so that I can process the file.

    Can anybody help.

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    I assume you're using the 'spool' command, in which case I don't know if there's a way to stop your SQL being recorded in the output file.

    You can supress the column headings by using the command:

    set head off

    To supress the 'Total Number of Records' message at the end of your output use:

    set feedback off
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    Depending on how you want to process the file (ie, tab / comma delimited)
    here's an example ...

    /************************************************** *********/
    /* Example of how to create an ASCII delimited file */
    /* chr(9) will insert a tab between columns in output */
    /* Set the linesize to the correct length of the row */
    /************************************************** *********/

    set linesize 120
    set header off
    set pagesize 0
    set feedback off
    set trimspool on

    spool c:\test.txt

    select username||chr(9)||sid||chr(9)||serial#||chr(9)||pr ogram from v$session;

    spool off


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