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    Unanswered: Easy-to-use Perl Documentation on the Web

    Get Perl documentation over the web from Perl Globe ( ). Features include:

    - Function listings
    - All PODs from the most recent stable Perl distribution
    - Completely searchable site
    - Easy access to what you need (e.g., to get the function definition of "split"; " is perl" to search the site)
    - Community commentary to elaborate upon what is provided in the language distribution

    It’s the for the Perl community! Try it now: .

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    Sylva NC

    Thumbs up Dude -- nice!

    Way to go -- I like very much!

    You probably ought to get permission from O'Reilly to use the camel logo; I think they'll grant it freely, but you are supposed to ask (according to some information I saw on, I think).

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