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    Unanswered: The insert/update of a text or image did not succeed (was "SQL Error")

    First I recieve this error when I upload a photo and click on the save button.
    'ODBC - update on a linked table 'PersonMisc' failed.'

    Then this error appears after I click ok.

    [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server] The READTEXT and WRITETEXT statements cannot be used with views[#285][Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver] Warning: Partial insert/update The insert/update of a text or image did not succeed.[#0].

    Is there a size limit on the pictures I am uploading?

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    Do you have enough permitions for Insert/Update the view?


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    Your client side code is using READTEXT/WRITETEXT against a view. That isn't permitted (never has been, due to technical reasons). You have to do the WRITETEXT (to store the picture data) against the underlying table itself instead of the view that you are currently using.


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