this below code is used for the retrieving values from the table.

The tables have several rows...

my prob.. is that when i retrieve more than one rows print two times the same rows..

if i retrieve 3 rows prints three times the same rows..

plz help me in my code....where is the prob...plz...



for (int j = 1; request.getParameter((j==1)?"Ac.code""Ac.code_" +j)) != null; j++) {

out.println("<tr><td> <INPUT TYPE='TEXT' NAME='ac_code' size='12' value='" +request.getParameter((j==1)?"Ac.code""Ac.code_" +j)) + "' readonly </td>");

out.println("<td><INPUT TYPE='TEXT' NAME='description' size='12' value='" + request.getParameter((j==1)?"description""description_" +j))+ "' readonly </td>");

out.println("<td> <INPUT TYPE='TEXT' NAME='description' size='12' value='" + request.getParameter((j==1)?"description1""description1_" +j)) + "' readonly </td>");
out.println("</tr> ");