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    Unanswered: Problem showing all records?

    I am trying to show all records of one field regardless of the dates. If you look at Query1, then you will see what I mean. I have the dates set Between #12/15/2004# And #12/21/2004# and get all the records that I want to see. If I change the dates to be #12/15/2004# And #12/18/2004#, I don't get all of the records back that I want to see. I have attached the db, can someone please help me?
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    Perhaps do the date criteria thing in a subquery (because using criteria on the right side of a join automatically turns the join into an INNER join).

    Thus you can modify the date as needed in the query called TEST01 and then run the query called TEST02 to see the results you want with all categories shown even if there is no data for a category.

    And then if you showed this info on a report (or actually you might even be able to add something like this to the TEST02 query) you could use =NZ([thefield]) to change the Null to 0.
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