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    Question simplifying a Hire System model

    Hey guys,

    I'm designing a database for a company that hires lighting supplys to people.

    Generally, a hire system seems fairly easy to implement and there are lots of examples of car/video systems on the web.

    The issue that i've got though is that my model is more complicated than that!

    I want to be able to reserve multiple "Items" to go on a "Quotation". Of course, there are many instances of an "Item", and it seems that each "ItemInstance" needs to have a "Calendar" to manage when it is being hired and by whom.

    Are there any examples of this sort of hire system on the web anywhere that people know about?? I can't seem to find one anywhere

    If not, it would be great if someone could take a look at what I've got already and see where it could be improved.

    thanks everyone!!
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    It is not possible to give you good advice without the business rules, but here is a suggestion to clean up your "calendar" problems.

    It allows you to estimate times an item will be out.

    It allows you to estimate times an item is in repair.

    It allows you to record actuals for both.

    It also allows you to substitute actual items for quoted items.
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    Very Good Models,
    The trick is to ask yourself what really applies to the 'item', and what applies to the instances of the item. You'll find the item is really more of a definition or 'specification' of something, and the instanaces are the 'actauls'.

    Nobody reserves, orders, uses, buys, etc. - a 'definition' or 'specification' or blueprint of a flood light (or any physical object). The do all that to a real instance.


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