Version 1.1 of Guggi-Oracle has been released. Thanks for the great feedback! Many new DBA features added

The product can be downloaded from


New/ Changes in Version 1.1 - Jan 16, 2005

1. Analyze Manager - analyze database tables and indexes
2. Rollback Segment Manager - analyze what transaction each rollback segment is supporting
3. SQL Stats Manager - SGA trace and see hot statement and hot tables
4. User/Schema Role Manager - Manage user security, grant and revoke privileges
5. Added the functionality to create a Rollback Segment
6. Functionality to close a single connection or all connection with the option to commit or rollback
7. Functionality to reopen a closed connection by right-clicking on the applicable button at the bottom of the application
8. Added a new report for Tables and constraints
9. Enhanced GUI
10. Improved Invalid Objects Manager to compile invalid objects. Objects can be recompiled from the Schema Browser also
11. Added filter to View Linked Data functionality. Now you can filter data from the starting parent table10.
12. Fixed the filter on Table and View data so that the filter condition is not lost once the filter is closed.
13. Fixed the Explain plan statement