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    Unanswered: subform multiple selection

    I'm kind of new to access and I was wondering if anyone could
    help me with a small problem.

    I've got a main form (containing a subform and a button),
    and a second form. When the button is clicked, the second
    form is opened. This form is powered by a query:

    SELECT *
    FROM MainFormTable mft
    WHERE mft.Id = forms![MainForm]![SubForm]!Form![Id];

    so it displays the record that was selected in the mainform's subform.

    But now, I want to be able to select multiple records in the main
    form's subform, and display all of these in the second form.

    Is this at all possible?

    Thanks for your help
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    you could try putting a list box on the main form. add a button to the form that would add each selected record to the list box. then add another button which will open the second form. on the add click event you can use the list box items to create an sql statement that you can then use as the record source for the second table.
    hope this helps

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