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    Unanswered: ORA-12505: listener.ora Problem - PLEASE HELP

    When I add a new database via Enterprise Manager it adds ok. The new database shows up in the tnsname.ora file but doesnt show up in the listener.ora file. Im new to Oracle but my research has taught me that a databases SID must be in both files. So when I try to connect to the database I get the ORA-12505 error:

    "SID given in connect descriptor could not be resolved"

    I am lost as to why my new databases arent showing up in the listener.ora file.

    Please Help!


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    you can make a new entry for your new instance in the listener.ora

    #OLD ENTRY ....
       (SID_LIST =
           (SID_DESC =
              (SID_NAME = PLSExtProc)
    #new entry
           (SID_DESC =
                (SID_NAME = {instance_name})
                (ORACLE_HOME = {oracle_home of the instance})
                (GLOBAL_NAME = {global_name of the instance})
    #end new entry
    it depends on the version of the database.
    i think in oracle9i or 8i you have to make this entry.
    whit oracle10g you don't have to make this entry, because the
    database should register to the listener.
    with this entry the listener knows the instance at startup.
    without it takes e few min.

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