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    Here is the problem.......
    1-I am new to SQL, this is a big problem
    2- I have a table that was extracted from a WFM (workforce managment) package that for some reason they cannot use the normal date format. They use was is called a start_moment, this is the name of the field. I have figured out the calculation in access but I am now trying to get it into an asp page and need to format to a sql function.

    the Start_moment data contain the date and the time.
    for example - 55196880 in the start_moment field is actually 12/09/2004 at 23:00.

    this stupid wfm software company states the this moment is the number of minutes from December 30, 1899, 12:00 AM GMT.

    I need the date in one field and the time in another
    any suggestions?

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    I'd start with:
    SELECT DateAdd(minute, 55196880, '1899-12-30')

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