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    Unanswered: Update a filed based on another

    My problems is 'circular reference', without getting this error, I can't find a logical way of solving my problem.

    My problem is this.

    Field A - Field B = Field C, I need the Result in Field C to update Filed A.

    Field A = Current Stock
    Field B = Stock used
    Field C = Stock Left

    I need Field A updated so that I can establish an effective re-order point.

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    Re: Excel Circular Reference

    It seems logical to me that the stock you have on hand, in column C, should be used to establish a re-order point.

    Column A is stock you started out with.
    Column B is stock that has been removed from what you started with.
    Column C is stock that can be physically counted, and when that count is reduced to a certain number decided by by, or zero, its time to re-order.


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