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    Unanswered: get data from .mdf

    There was a big problem.
    Stands in shop Microsoft SQL Server 7.00 - 7.00.623, database nameв as STORE.
    I on a domestic computer had been made updatings for it - some fields are added, stored procedures are changed... After that I have cleared base, have made it backup, and have related in shop. There has created new database STORE2 to develop brought backup on it, and manually to add necessary changes in STORE, as in STORE2.
    But happened unforeseen. I did restore database from brought backup on base STORE2, and it was developed on STORE. The result - tables empty, but with new fields. backup STORE has not made, because not even assumed such dirty trick. If manually to look store_data.mdf, it is visible, that the data are, but as them to get - I do not know. The inquiry of the data from any table gives 0 records (select count(*) from any_table). Manipulations with help LogExplorer in anything do not result, probably, have been made truncate log.
    There are ideas how to get the data?
    Need help, please.

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    Best I can say is to restore from the backup that you made to create STORE2. Presuming you are using a hex editor to look at the store_data.mdf file, and you absolutely must get that data back, then you should call Microsoft. I do not think even SQL 2005 has an un-delete function. Depending on how much inserting has been going on since the loss of data, there is no way to tell if any of the data has in fact been overwritten, too.

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    What hex editor you will advise?

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