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    Unanswered: listener-thread: err = -25580

    I have an error on my online.log, aprox. 10 times at a day. Sometimes it's more frecuently.
    The error is: listener-thread: err = -25580 oserr = -1: errstr = : System error occurred in network function.

    When this error occurrs frequently, the database performance goes down... turns very slow...

    Please!!! I need to know why this error occurs, and what's the relation with the performance. Besides, I want to don`t register this error in my online.log

    Thank's a lot!!!

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    The informix listener thread is reporting a socket error from the OS. It can happen for a variety of reasons, some are: high number of connections/ and or large volume of concurrent network traffic, being transferred over tcp, changes in os/network topology etc.
    Keith Brownlow
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