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    Unanswered: sql server jdbc driver

    Hi at all, i'm new here, your communitiy seems too much preparated.
    My question is simple...
    i must to connect via jdbc to a ms sql server 2000 database, but i'm in doubt to select which jdbc driver to use. your suggest over microsoft'drivers? i found on the internet the open source drivers jdts...what about them?

    thank you and excuse for by bad english!

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    Each JDBC driver has its own problems and benefits. I'd say you'd be best off to just pick one and work with it.

    If your Java implementation favors one JDBC driver over another, I'd use that driver without a second thought. If not, I'd probably use Microsoft's since you'd at least have their support if your Java vendor has no preference.


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    thank you Pat Phelan, i thinked the same facts i'll use the microsoft's jdbc drivers...and if will be problems i'll try another jdbc driver.
    thank you for confirm!!!

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