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    Red face Unanswered: need help to import file to filepro

    hi guys my name is skefe and i'm new here....i need help ?

    i'm using filepro for the payroll i have an entry form that allow me to input data for all operators manually,it's not good cause it make many times to finish entered all the data in the system and many times i found some errors.
    I want to resolve this problem .
    we have actually three clock that allow all operators to punch every day for the presence and after i can export the file to excell sheet so i need help to found a code that allow me to import this file to filepro form entry.

    can someone pls help me...
    i'm sorry my english is bad...

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    From what I understand on your problem...
    1) You export your timeclock output to Excel
    2) Import the exported data in excel to filepro.

    You do not have to go to Excel route. In your timeclock output, you can create a flat file and filepro can read directly as non-filepro files in define files or you can import them to a temporary filepro table. Then it is just a straight request output to post.

    filepro has fpodbc program(win version only) that lets you talk to other odbc compliant database. If you need more information on filepro, subscribe to You have all the brain trust in filepro..



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