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    Unanswered: What is the preferred next step in Oracle?

    I am a DBA currently running Oracle9i on SUN Solaris 8 which meets the needs of my business. I have been asked to define an Oracle system of the future that will poise the business for growth. While I can make suggestions for the hardware, the Sys Admin will make the final decision there.

    So I want to know what is the recommended “state of the art” Oracle configuration (yes RAC, no RAC, data guard, hot stand by, etc.) and what architecture design does “best practices” advocate? Thanks.

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    the decision depends on your needs!

    in an high availibility env you need RAC.
    in an minimum downtime (min recover time) env you need dataguard.
    in an high availibility and min downtime env you need a RAC with
    dataguard RAC.
    when you need absolut data security (absolut no data loss) you need a dataguard.
    when you need scalability and load balancing you need a RAC.

    your decision depends on data security, max. downtime, scalability, costs....

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    You may find more information here:

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