Hi there, im guessing not many people are going to want to help me seen as i guess this is my own fault for not studting and attending lectures buy hopefully theres one kind soul out there who would help me. My exam is tomorrow and our lecture has given us a sample paper, here is one of the question from the paper

Assume that, on your localhost there is a MySQL database called newspaperCuttings which may be accessed by user sarsfield with password ballyneety. It is used to store details about articles, written by authors of various nationalities, which appeared in various newspapers.

Assume that, in this database, there is a table called nationalities which has the following fields:

nationalityID int(11), nationalityName varchar(255),
urlOfPictureOfNationalFlag varchar(255)
Assume that there is another table called authors which has the following fields:
authorID int(11), authorName varchar(255),
nationalityID int(11), description text.

Your task is to write a PHP program which will be used to insert records into the authors table. When first called, the program should display a form into which a user can enter the details of an author who is to be added to the database; the form should contain a button which the user can click in order to get the browser to check whether he has correctly completed the form before he sends it to the server; when the user submits a correctly completed form to the program, a new record should be created in the table -- provided, of course, that no author with the same name has previously been stored in the table.

Note the following points:

The user should not be asked to specify an author ID -- instead, a unique ID should be chosen by the program when an author's details are being entered into the table.
On the form, the user should be invited to select the author's nationality from a list which is derived from the contents of the nationalities table. On the form, the user should see nationality names but, when the form is submitted, the ID of the chosen nationality should be sent to the server.
The description of an author may be several sentences in length

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So Please Please please Help!!!!