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    Unanswered: formatting numbers

    I am using a MS Access ADP connected to SQL Server Data

    In a view I have the following formula:

    dbo.tblQuoteItem.Cost + dbo.tblQuoteItem.Markup * dbo.tblQuoteItem.Cost * .01

    this calculates cost + markup

    I cannot get it to format in Currency


    Cost is $1.75
    Markup is 2.00 (2%)
    Total shows - 1.785000

    I want $1.78

    Also - I am using this formula to calculate the Quoted price for the Qty Entered

    dbo.tblQuoteItem.Qty * dbo.tblQuoteItem.Cost + dbo.tblQuoteItem.Markup * dbo.tblQuoteItem.Cost * .01

    Using a Qty of 2 for above, I get 3.535000

    I want $3.53

    Any help is appreciated - AB

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    SQL Server does not format output. That is the job of your interface (Access ADP, in this case).

    Set the format of your form control or report field to display as currency.
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    you could something like SELECT CAST(3.5553 as decimal(10,2)) but this rounds up (3.56). I would handle this in your VBA with a formatcurrency('your variable here',2).

    This might round too. Or it might just cut off your percision. I forget. Test.
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