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    Unanswered: Switchboard Fullscreen

    How would I change the appearance of my switchboard? I'd like it to come fullscreen plus I'd like to change the layout and color.

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    I must be missing something here

    1) Place the switchboard form into Design View.
    2) In the propertoes window under the Format tab:

    - Set the Control Box property to: Yes
    - Set the Min Max Buttons property to: Both Enabled

    3) while in Design whatever you want visually with you form. Just don't mess around to much with the buttons unless you know what you're doing.

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    The switcboard for is just a form, so you can change whatever visual cues you like. The main problem is that if you get too adventurrous you may not be able to use the wizard to change the contents. You can stil change using a manual edit of the switchboard items table.

    or try one of the switchboard enhancements
    forget the URl but some one has developed 'a better switchboard' for access

    wonder if google will return any hits for that

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