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    Unhappy Unanswered: failure during updation

    In SQL SERVER if there is failure during updation of certain rows, what will be the state?

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    The state will be like New Jersey (specifically, Newark), I think.

    You need to provide more information for someone to accurately define the state, however you can assume that if the Update fails, the rows you attempted to Updated did not get updated.

    Whether or not that's an error depends on your application. If your application isn't handling the 'failed state' (North Dakota?), then you'll be in a state of mess a chusetts, I think.

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    That's a "politically" overloaded stament, but the gutt is right on the money, - the transaction (explicit or implicit, regardless of error handling) will fail and the data will be in "pre-update" state, like what Texas used to be.
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    this was an interesting thread )

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