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    Smile Unanswered: Information on devices


    Can some body tell me how can I found out the information about devices. Basically I am looking for a procedure to know whether the devices allocated to a particular database are full or empty.


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    You can use sp_helpdb <dbname> and sp_helpdevice <devicename> for a lot of information.

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    Arrow Device info

    Use sysusages table along with sysdevices to see how much space allcated per device.When you allocate any device for specific database one row is added to sysusages table.You can convert pages allcated into Mbs as per page size.

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    It's also worth looking at the stored procs on Ed Barlow's site, in particular sp__helpdevice and sp__helpdbdev.

    sp__helpdevice gives a nice summary of each device, used and free space.

    sp__helpdbdev shows which databases are using which devices.

    Just google sp__helpdevice (note the double underscore) and the site comes out at the top of the results.

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