I have an oracle procedure that needs to be converted to ms-sql.

lXMLContext := DBMS_XMLQuery.newContext("select * from table");
-- Setup parameters on how XML is to be constructed.
DBMS_XMLQuery.useNullAttributeIndicator(lXMLContex t,FALSE);
DBMS_XMLQuery.setRaiseNoRowsException(lXMLContext, FALSE);
DBMS_XMLQuery.propagateOriginalException(lXMLConte xt,TRUE);
DBMS_XMLQuery.setRowTag(lXMLContext,lWS.wsXMLRecor d.wsViewName);
DBMS_XMLQuery.setDateFormat(lXMLContext,lDateMask) ;

Any one can help in constructing a similar pattern in ms-SQL or atleast tell me what is all these doing?

I am coding this using extended stored procedure in c#.