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    Unanswered: Does Informix 7.23 is supported by Windows 2000 server ?

    Hi again!

    I need to know if the Informix Online Dynamic Server version 7.23 is supported by the windows 2000 server. Cause i can use it but i can't manage it, maybe i'm not using well.

    thanks everybody!

    Clony Nunes

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    I think 7.23 was built before w2k was around, I doubt it was compiled specifically for it but perhaps it will work. There's probably some more info about your issues in the informix log.
    Keith Brownlow
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    I'm pretty sure this doesn't work. We had to move to 9.30 to get it working on Win 2k but this was before SP6 for Win NT was released. So try SP6 but don't hope too hard!

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