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    Angry Unanswered: Dissociation between DTS and Scheduled Job


    I've got a DTS package with a single step that runs an exe via Process Task. The DTS runs fine when I execute it manually, but when I schedule the package, the job says it runs successfully, but does not execute the package. Now, a few facts:

    • The DTS is owned by user1
    • The Job is owned by user1
    • All security credentials match up
    • The exe is on a network with full unc path specified
    • SQLAgent service is running in user1's context
    • All user input is on the actual SQL server, but exe is on network

    When I change the DTS from running the exe to performing a simple query, the job executes the DTS just fine. When I move the exe from the network and place it locally on the server, the job still won't execute the DTS. What am I missing here? This is driving me crazy!!

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    View the job history. Click the checkbox to show detail. Is there anything interesting there?


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    Hi Pat,

    The job history tells me that all scheduled runs were successes, that the last step to run was step 1 (the only step), but the run time was one or two seconds. This one step that runs, however, should take between 2 and 3 minutes to complete (and does when DTS is executed manually).

    That's all I get from the job history...


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    Quote Originally Posted by blindfold7

    SQLAgent service is running in user1's context[*]All user input is on the actual SQL server, but exe is on network

    How is that possible?

    In all my experience when a DTS package runs when manually executed, it's running under the context of the client, when scheduled, it runs under the context of the server...

    Drive mappings and Security have always been the reason as to why the scheduled job fails...

    Another reason why I stopped using DTS a long time agao for ANY production processes...

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