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    Unanswered: finding out what reports/forms/etc. use a query

    Ms Access 2003. Is there any way to find out what is using a certain query?
    I need to know if qryPFP is used by other reports or forms before changing it. I don't want to mess up anything else somewhere else. Does this make sense? We have a LOT of forms, queries and reports and it's hard to plow through everything.

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    Try renaming it. If used something will fall apart.

    Or, check the datasource of all your forms, subforms, charts, reports, etc. make a list and clean house accordingly. And then rename it with "isUn" or similar on the front for unused, just incase you miss some control that may use it.

    Also, use a right click on your queries and enter table names which are using it in the description. This will flag the used ones.

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