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Thread: freaking zeros

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    Unanswered: freaking zeros

    I have a table with a zip code field some of the zip codes start with zeros. i export this to excell and it leaves the zeros off. How can i change the format in Access to include the Zeros. If i change it to text- it works but i have to go and add all the zeros to the zipcodes that are missing the zeros- is there an some knid of format i can run that will change my zipcodes to a five digit number (adding zeros where it needs to)

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    cut and Paste or Export

    Are you cutting and pasting or are you exporting the query from Access into Excel? I think if you export it, the format of the text will be propogated into Excel.

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    If you're exporting, in your export query (make a query) enter for the field:

    XXX: int([FieldName])


    XXX: chr([FieldName])

    Otherwise I haven't found a way to do it with exporting a table other than through code.

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