Dear members and fans,

After a bit of useless time, we thought that it was time to give you something again. We are launching a new Contest Aimed for those People who have plenty idea's and Wisdom to share within Forum's but do not get recognised and rewarded for it, So we created this competition to reward those people for their hard effort.

Therefor we have started this new competition. And, yes, again it involves posting. Though, first take a look at our great prize:

A High Quality Reseller Hosting Account.
(So if you have always dreamed about starting a hosting business, this is for you!)

5000MB Space
30,000MB Bandwidth - To serve enough impressions!
Unlimited domains
Anonymous Cpanel™ for your clients / WebHostManager™
Over 20 Pre-installed Scripts With Fantastico
Web Browser Control Panel Web Based Email Access SMTP Mail Server
Unlimited POP3 Accounts
CGI, Perl, PHP, Java
SSH Shell Access
Unlimited Forwarders
MS Frontpage™ Extensions
Real Audio/Video
Unlimited Auto-Responders
Unlimited MySQL Databases
MX Record Changes
Unlimited Mailing Lists
PhpMyAdmin Support
Anonymous FTP
Unlimited Mail Blocking
Cron Jobs

So, what do you have to do, to win this great prize?

That is just simple! 500 High-Quality posts at our forum before the 28th of February. Then e-mail an administrator to give you the hosting. So - Simply Visit to get started.

But, as always there are a few rules:
1) No fake/double accounts, only one membership per person/IP.
2) No scams, warez or porn at our forums. We are for web hosting and business!
3) No spam or useless messages.
4) An admin will check your posts regularly, and the admins are always correct!
5) Again, admins' decisions are always final.
6) You will receive your prize for 6 months. After that you can buy it with a huge discount of 25%.

Tell your friends to join, and let's make it a wonderfull time.

Lots of succes, and a happy time posting, to all of you!