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    How to acquire software while working as freelancer


    I want to start the work after a long time as a freelancer, since I cann't afford to join 8 hours office job. I want to do projects from home in oracle, vb , visual foxpro. What I want to know is If I bid for some project and get the project. Should I have the software(i.e. oracle) of my own OR the person providing the project should have that software and will provide me rights to work on that OR we both need to have that software. I have the personal oracle downloaded. I know I cann't use that for commercial purpose.

    If I need to have that software then is there any sites which resale the right in cheaper price(since oracle from oracle website is very expensive) or I could subscribe it for 6 month or for a year?

    I know there are some rdbms like mysql etc are free but I want to work in oracle and vb, so when I would like to go back in job again in same software it will be easy for me.

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