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Thread: Unwanted Tables

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    Unanswered: Unwanted Tables

    Hi, I'm a new registrant; I teach database with Oracle at a university.

    In a new installation of Oracle 10g, I am accumulating some strange tables, for some reason.
    -------------------------------- ----------- ----------
    BIN$7YAqGRevGTjgNAADuoQz5Q==$0 TABLE 01/11/2005
    BIN$7eVyNWwLRxzgNAADuoQz5Q==$0 TABLE 01/17/2005
    BIN$7eY2hanLR1ngNAADuoQz5Q==$0 TABLE 01/17/2005
    BIN$7eY2hanMR1ngNAADuoQz5Q==$0 TABLE 01/17/2005
    BIN$7eY2hanNR1ngNAADuoQz5Q==$0 TABLE 01/17/2005

    DESC BIN$7YAqGRevGTjgNAADuoQz5Q==$0
    brings an error message.
    I have been using SQL*Loader so that is probably causing them, but I don't know how to get rid of them.
    Can someone suggest what I need to do?

    Many thanks,


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    Oracle 10g has a recycle bin as windows explorer does
    dig a little deeper into the documentation and either switch it off or set the retention period to a value you like

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