I have read about not being able to change the default timeout of 30 seconds unless you upgrade the Office 2000. Well my client machine has Office XP on it and yet i get the "TimeoutExpired" exactly after 30 seconds.

I have already spent 3 whole days trying to research on the web but no luck

Server is Windows 2000 with SQL Server 2000.

Following is the Class ID i am using for the Pivot Table XP


Following is the code, I would really appreciate any help, Thanks

Set cnnConnection = CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
cnnConnection.ConnectionTimeout = 0
cnnConnection.CommandTimeOut = 0
cnnConnection.Provider = "sqloledb"
cnnConnection.Open "Data Source=PHONESERV2;Initial Catalog=Phones;" "sa", "tpistation"

pt.ConnectionString = cnnConnection.ConnectionString