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    Unanswered: Backup/Restore clustered DB2

    Hi ALL!
    Help to understand me that problem. There is DB2 cluster with 2 nodes (0 and 1). There is tablespace with some table (STB_T) placed on this two nodes.

    In first I made off-line backup on node 0. After this I inserted some data in table STB_T and made second backup on node 1. Next step was restoring. I restored backup on node 0 and node 1 one after another. Of course DB2 says me that my database are asynchronized now.

    How to avoid that situation? There is no way to make backups simultaneously. Thats why backups asynchronized both a priori. How to synchronize database after restoring?

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    You probably want to RECOVER DATABASE - this applies the updates that have been logged.

    James Campbell

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