Hi group,
im going crazy with a Error of the SQL Server Agent.
We are using SQL Server Enterprise 2000 SP3 at a MS 20000 System
We have a merge Replikation at this system.
I try to run the SQL Agent and SQL Server with the system account and also with a special lokal Admiacount(because the Replication) but the error happens with different accounts. After i installed MS SQL SP3 on the system everything works well.
After some reboots of the system i get an Error while starting the SQL Server Agent. Also the SQL Server crashed.
I see that the error accur while calling the sp_sqlagent_get_startup_info at the start. i debugged the SP and see that i get following error by executing following part:
master.dbo.xp_qv '1338198028'
[ODBC SQL Server driver][Shared Memory] connectioncheckfordata (checkfordata()) Nr. 11 level 16 status 1
if i try top start SQL Server Agent i get the folwing error in the log files that maybe only caused by the main error :
can`t start SQL Server Agent because Combability lever of msdb is lower then 70 (but this is defiently not true)

Thanks for your help
Greetings Andi