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    Unanswered: export ODBC information

    Is there a way to export ODBC information from one computer and import onto another?

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    Do you mean DSNs? If so, then you can create a File DSN and copy the resulting file to the other computer. The only issue might be the ODBC driver. The driver will have to be installed.

    Another possibilty is a DSNless connection. You can put all the information about how to connect to the database in the connection string. Each driver is different (what parameters it needs, etc.) The easiest way I have found is to create a DSN, link to a table using the DSN and then examine the connection string by clicking on the linked table and designing it. It will give you a warning and then it will go into design view. From there View/Properties and look at the Description property. That is the connection string. Use that along with DoCmd.TransferDatabase to link to the tables you need.

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