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    Unanswered: Notifying user of a dup ID on a form

    I have created a table called Master. It contains ID Number (text field). The ID Number is indexed, and duplicates are not allowed. I've also created a form called Registration based on this table. The problem is that if a duplicate ID is entered on the form, the error message appears only after the form is saved and then closed! This means that the entire form is filled out before the user knows that he wasted data entry time. I have tried to use the DLookup function as a validation rule under properties for this field, but without success. Is there a way to let the user know that a duplicate ID has been entered as soon as he advances to the next field within the form?


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    Have you tried to have your DLookup under the AfterUpdate of that text field?


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    ... Or even better, in the BeforeUpdate event for that textbox?
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    why do you let the user play with the ID field in the first place?

    either use autonumber for the ID or use your own automated id Generator (search M Owen's posts to find one way of doing this).

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