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    Unanswered: Query Help PLEASE

    Wanting to know if you can write one query to search on a litem/items selected from a list box AND about 50 check boxes..... Please tell me how you would perform this task.

    Search criteria will be entered by user on form....
    There will be 1 list box with list coming from table...
    There will be 50 seperate check boxes... User can choose 1 check box or they can choose multiple items from list/check box...
    How should I go about this? I appreciate any help with this.

    I want the output to be reports based on user input...

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    What datasource are all these controls based on?
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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    Im assuming that you are trying to filter a table. I would have each of the fields in a query design window and the have the following criteria (Assuming that they are all on the same form):

    =Forms!Form!Listbox1.Value OR Is Null AND Forms!Form!TextBox1.Value OR Is Null and so on.

    Im not 100% sure if this'll work, but it would be worth a shot i guess.

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