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    Unanswered: Difficulties with Count Query

    Ok - I have a db that has one main table with a few tables linked (one to many) with that table. Each smaller table has a few fields that require a date to be entered. I want to count the number of records for each field that has a date entered with the results grouped by customer. I know how to create the query that would count that for each individual small table - the problem I'm having is whether I can create one big query that will combine all the information for one customer on one line. If it isn't possible to do it with a query, can I create a report based on multiple queries that will lay the information out as I specified.

    Thanks for any help you provide!

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    See attachment

    Don't know if this is any good but I did this using a Union Query.

    qryDateTotals shows a count all dates for the tables

    qryListDates shows a list of the dates.

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