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    Unanswered: Extra Spaces Created, How Do I Remove them? Pic Attached

    I think the picture explains everything.

    I managed to create a subreport that is working perfectly, but when I insert it to the main report it seems to create many blank rows between dates.

    I have no idea why these are created, I guess it's something to do with the field linking options, but i'm new to that so have no idea how to link it so it won't do it.

    Whichever solution is easier, linking it right (how?, to what) or just a function that won't let it create these blank rows, I don't mind how, but if I get it fixed I will be the happiest man on earth.
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    You're probably right in that it has to do with the linking of the tables on the source of the two reports. Try creating a query which has the Main Report table and the Sub Report table linked into it to get a better view or picture of what is happening. You can also try putting a criteria on the subreport where the date field cannot be null (is not null) or <> "" but this will probably eliminate some records on your Main report.

    You can also try doing some grouping in the Main Report and eliminate the sub report which may help but I don't have enough info to help you with that.

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