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    Unanswered: Checkbox and Query help needed please!

    I want to enter a value eg a date (12/12/05) into a textbox on my form. When I enter the value I want a checkbox on the same form to uncheck itself.

    The textbox and checkbox are both fields on the same query.

    Any help will be very helpful!

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    There are various routes to achieve what you want. In essence write a function which tests if the value in the text box is a valid date, and if so either returns thge result of that test or sets/clears the checkbox. Its up to you to decide which.

    you then need to place a call to the function in events within the form
    you could place the code in the text boxes on 'lostfocus' event
    you could place the code in the forms 'beforeupdate' event
    you could place the code in the textbox 'beforeupdate' event
    you could place the code in forms 'oncurrent' event to set the checkbox on change of record


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