We had configured a threshold on tempdb log segment on our Sybase server to auto-truncate tempdb log when the tempdb reaches the threshold. However, it does not really truncate the tempdb automatically when the DB size reached the threshold recently.

Our Sybase server version is
Adaptive Server Enterprise/ 8668 ESD 3/HP9000-735/HP-UX 10.2/FBO/Wed Oct 20 08:08:57 1999

This caused our threshold procedure failed with error 10334 (see log snippet below). What caused my tempdb syslogs threshold procedure to fail?

00:00000:00079:2005/01/17 13:46:32.79 server ***** WARNING: AN AUDIT HAS BEEN MISSED: suid = 0, login name = sa, event code = 37, extrainfo = 10334.18.161 *****
00:00000:00079:2005/01/17 13:46:32.80 server Error: 10334, Severity: 18, State: 161
00:00000:00079:2005/01/17 13:46:32.80 server Permission related internal error was encountered. Unable to continue execution.
00:00000:00079:2005/01/17 13:46:32.80 server background task message: LOG DUMP : 'logsegment' for 'tempdb' dumped
00:00000:00079:2005/01/17 13:46:32.82 server Threshold procedure 'sp_threshproc' returned an error indication (@status=-8) when called for database 'tempdb', segment 'logsegment', free_space 22000.